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2021 Bring it on!

We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and give a quick update on our canning adventures (see previous blog). We received our canning adapter

on Christmas eve (what a great present!). It fit perfectly into our Oktober can seamer and allowed us to pull off a flawless canning effort over a two day span.

Everyone pitched in sanitizing cans and sticking and writing labels. Michelle ran the beer gun like a Boss and I juggled the seamer. When the beer stopped flying and all was said and done, we had successfully canned 140 beers.

Here's the best part. We put together 32 variety 4 pks. Each 4 pk had 4 different Black Rock Brewing beers. Our holiday goal all along was to share these beers with BRBC's early supporters who had expressed interest in taste testing our beers as we continue to fine tune our beer recipes. Originally we had planned for delivery before Christmas. That timeline didn't hold up, but we were proud to be able to execute the plan before the end of the year. We made some deliveries and some of you made the trip to 16 Summit to pick up your designated 4 pk.

Meeting some of you for the first time; putting faces to names and instagram handles; seeing the genuine interest in our product and feeling the enthusiasm and support from this small but growing community, truly brought joy and happiness to both of us and gave us confidence that we are on the right track with this new venture.

Thank you all so much for your feedback and tasting notes. We really appreciate it. It was amazing to see so many different comments about which beer people liked the best. We anticipated that there would be a clear favorite, but that was not the case. The take-away for us is that everyone has a different palate. It reinforces one of the hallmarks of Black Rock which is to have a variety of beers in our lineup so that everyone can always find a beer that will bring them satisfaction and joy.

A couple of other updates as we hit the 2021 ground running. We updated the BRBC Merch page by replacing the stock model photos with photos of real Black Rockers sporting their new Merch. We like the more realistic feel on the site and hope you do as well.

If you are interested in helping us keep it "real" feel free to send a photo of yourself in your BRBC merch to or upload a photo of yourself wearing your BRBC merch to your instagram and tag @blackrockbrewingco We will do our best to get you up on the site.

We also toured a vacant property in Hull yesterday to evaluate its potential to be the home of Black Rock Brewing Co. Like most things in life it's not perfect. It has several positives and some negatives. If I learned anything in my 25 year real estate career it's that any real estate decision involves compromise. Timing, price, quality and location. Pick three and be prepared to compromise. Without a doubt, we will have to analyze all of our options, evaluate all the pros and cons and inevitably compromise on a few things in order to make a final decision. Much more to follow on the real estate search, but rest assured the ball is rolling on this very important aspect of the Black Rock Brewing journey.

(photo courtesy of Black Rock super fan @nantasketfly on instagram)

Black Rock Brewing Company's mission is to be your local, community brewery & taproom serving up a variety of quality fresh beers close to home in an inclusive, safe, comfortable and joyful environment. We wish you all a happy and healthy 2021 and look forward to sharing our journey, and much more beer, with you all in the weeks and months ahead.

Stay positive, be kind and drink local.


Greg and Michelle

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Love the blog! Also love the products - not to mention the Brewers! Can’t wait to see where your brewery lands! 😀


Matt Crittenden
Matt Crittenden
Jan 08, 2021

I'm so excited at the prospect of having a local brewery here in Hull! If you find yourself in need, I know there's a growing group of local Hull brewers and beer enthusiast ready to pitch in. Cheers to 2021!


Love it....Excited to see (and taste) the project this summer when we come back East! All the best to you and yours for the New Year! When things simmer down you should make a business trip to Colorado! Lots and lots to see ( and taste) in the micro brew, brew pub arena!

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