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A sip of Summer porch vibes!

Hundreds of people are out walking the beach. The windows of the local watering holes are propped open. The patios are being dusted off. This is what Nantasket Beach has looked like these past few days and it has us so excited for Summer 2023!

As we’re enjoying warm weather and clear skies at the time of writing this, we figured this quick sip of summer was deserving of a preview of what you can expect at our location on 19 Hull Shore Drive this summer!

The name may have given it away, but Doctor’s Island, off the coast of Hull has been a huge inspiration for the vision of our brand, and the vibe of the taproom will emulate the island attitude.

From a design standpoint, we’re going to implement as much as we can to make you feel like you’ve been transported to the island, or “The Rock” as we like to call it. You can expect to see the red shutters of our island’s cottage surround the windows and doors of our Nantasket brewery and taproom. And if you peer in through those windows, you’ll be able to see the one barrel Spike Nano brewing equipment that produces our delicious beer, right in front of you as you enjoy your sunset sips. It’s really as close as one can get to the brewing action!

The front and side porch have the capacity to host about forty people and we’re excited to make this a focal point of our space. Down the road, we have additional plans to develop the indoor space to its full potential, but in an effort to open our doors as soon as possible, we’re going to be using the outdoor premises as our primary seating, which is great because we’ve always believed the front porch is where the best memories are made.

On the island, time goes by slowly and the company is great. We sit out there and watch the sunset with an ice cold beer because well….when that’s the only thing there is to do, it’s what you do. It’s really simple living and that’s what makes it so special. When you step foot onto the porch of our taproom, we want you to feel like you’re on the very same porch our family gathers on out at the island for our sunset happy hours.

We’ve spent countless hours out there watching the boats go by and seeing the exploding lights in the sky on the 4th of July. It brings us a sense of joy and togetherness, and those summer feelings are what we’re most excited to bring to the taproom and our customers.

These similarities are important to us as we build out the space and recreate the vibe of Doctor’s Island on the mainland. We’re making progress and are getting there one day at a time. We just got the water running last week and we have exterior painting scheduled for early next month. Another exciting update is that the front sign that’ll be the face of our identity is in the works thanks to Mayo Designs based in Weymouth. We’re very grateful to be working with local craftsmen and craftswomen to bring this vision to life. This type of community building is really what it’s all about.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are! Get out there and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. And when it returns, we’ll be waiting for you on our front porch with some thirst quenching craft beer.

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