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When Are We Opening?

"When are you opening?"

This is by far the most common question we have received lately. Before we answer it, let’s tell you a little bit about where we’re at…

There’s a sequence of events that need to occur in a particular order to get Doctor’s Island Brewing Company up and running. We don’t want to bore you with every detail of what that entails, but everything has to move in sync in a specific way to get the next steps rolling - it’s almost like a domino effect. We have permitting and paperwork that need to be dealt with at the federal level, and then when that gets done we can move to the state level, which will eventually bring us to the town level. There’s a complicated process of licensing that we’re currently navigating.

Simultaneously, we’re working on renovating the taproom to become the perfect oasis for craft beer consumption in Hull. It may seem obvious, but we’ll throw it out there - even this side of the process has a method to the madness. The flooring is going in, the walls are getting painted, and the plumbing and electrical are being planned and executed. We also received our brewing equipment, which has been moving around the brewery to make way for renovations that are being done in each corner and crevice.

As you can imagine, there will always be roadblocks. We’ve had a few extremely minor hiccups that have set us back a few minutes in the grand scheme of this entire process. One example is that we had a mixup with an electrical control panel for our brewing equipment. It all got sorted out thanks to our friends at Spike Brewing and the new one is on its way!

The lesson we learned: Things don’t always go according to plan, but in a funny way, maybe that’s the plan all along.

It’s easy to get frustrated in the moment and it can ruin your day if you dwell on it. But if you find the learnings in what goes wrong, be proactive where you can, and just keep marching forward, you can liberate yourself of the burdens you can’t control and direct all focus on the places you can make a difference. We’re not just looking at the destination, in this case the opening date. We’re excited to look back at these dog days down the road and laugh at the mishaps and cherish the memories being made. You’re missing one of the main points of life if you don’t take the time to intentionally appreciate the journey.

So, to answer the question, we’re unsure of when we’re opening. :) We’re optimistically keeping our fingers crossed for later this Summer, but we’re ready to handle the adversity and setbacks as they come. If you see us on the porch in the upcoming days, come say hello. Let’s have a conversation and look forward to the day we’re able to set up shop and serve up cold craft beers by the sea.

Be kind

Stay Positive

Drink local

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Can’t wait to visit when you‘re open for brews!


Sara Cannavo
Sara Cannavo
Jun 15, 2023

WOW! The Cannavo's are proud to be part of your process! Looking forward to meeting y'all soon enough!


Good to read about the process and I hope it all moves along smoothly. Looking forward to some of that craft beer!


Mike Volpe
Mike Volpe
Jun 09, 2023

Excited for the opening!

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