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We've used the off-season to refine our recipes and try some new stuff.  We will have a more well-rounded lineup of beers this season as well as some fan favorites.  
We hope you will find them tasty and fun to drink.
Come to the Deck and try 'em
On Tap Now:
Hoffy's Golden Ale

A refreshing Golden Ale - earthy, grassy undertones with a hint of sweet fruit notes. A tingly effervescence makes this a year round crushable beer.  ABV is 5.2%  

Seagull Session IPA


An easy drinker at 4.5% ABV.  Not short on taste, but light enough to enjoy a couple on the front porch at Doctor's Island...  Low IBU's and Sultana and Galaxy hops make for a tasty session IPA.

Seal Rock Stout 

Roasty and Toasty Dry Irish Stout.  Dr's take on a "Guiness" like stout. Roasted barley and flaked oats and rye impart creamy dark chocolate and coffee notes.  Looks dark but goes down easy - It's a nice one for the

Sunday Songs from the Side Porch

ABV 4.2%

Winter Waves Pale Ale

Come to the deck post surf!  
Brewed on a chilly day when there had to be close to
300 hearty surfers amongst Nanta
sket's winter waves.  
It's a touch 
malty, it's hop-forward start is balanced with a light bitterness that has you gazing for the next set
American Pale Ale dry hopped with Galaxy and Mosaic ABV 4.9%

Gunrock Galaxy IPA

New England IPA hazy with tropical fruits, balanced bitterness and
lots of Galaxy hops!  5.6% abv. 
Grab one for the sunny side deck maybe on a Sunday for
Songs from the Side Deck!


Light House Lager

Light but surprisingly full of taste.  Good news is you can have a couple of these as the a.b.v is 4.3%!  It's clean and very drinkable. 
If you like a light beer - this one's for you! 
Invite your friends to the deck and have a couple.

Red Shutters Amber Ale

Smooth and malt forward.  Named after the shutters that make the little island house unique.  Give this one a try - we think you'll like it.
ABV 4.9%

Horace Cook Honey Brown

Brewed with 6 pounds of local honey from New World Apiary in Plymouth. 
It might just cure what ales ya! 
Smooth, caramel & chocolate malt forward brew.  

ABV 4.8%

Rollers Pale Ale

Clean, crisp pale ale with a copper hue.  
Dry hopped with Amarillo and Galaxy
for a flowery, slightly spicy tropical fruit flavor

.  ABV 4.7% 

Sunset Point Saison

French Saison - fruity, spicy, earthy with a slight hint of pepper
ABV 4.5% 
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