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At Doctor's Island Brewing Company, we really like beer.  We dream about beer names, hop pairings, snacks & swag - Doctor's Island Brewing Company is always on our mind.  We enjoy making beer and drinking it with friends and can't wait to share it with the South Shore and beer drinkers everywhere. 


We brew beers to emulate the awesomeness of "The Rock".  The little house has been sitting on Doctor's Island since the late 1800's.  It hasn't changed a whole lot and though it's rustic and not too fancy on the inside, it has a hearty, gritty soul.  There's not much action out there in the summer besides the squawking seagulls and some occasional stripers getting pulled in.  It's peaceful and tranquil and the views of Boston can't be beat as the sun sets over the city.  We always raise the flag when we're in residence.

When winter sets in, the storms can get nasty.  The waves crash over the little house and we hope it makes it to another season.  So far, we've been lucky and as the waters calm and the winds die down, we get to fly the flag for another season.  We're hoping that our beers capture the essence of The Rock and the people and history that belong to it.  

The Hoffmeisters


We are the Hoffmeisters! Greg, Michelle, Julie, Ellie, Jessie and Tate. We try to keep it real and enjoy life to the fullest. Pictured is our family along with our dog, Sugarloaf.

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